Overwatch World Cup 2018: Team UK Will Play Their First Game On Friday

Sunday marked the end of the Bangkok Qualifier with China and Australia placing in the top 2 teams for the Qualifier. Friday will be the first day of the Paris Qualifiers and will be the debut of Team UK in this years Overwatch World Cup. Lead by YouTuber ‘Stylosa‘, coached by ‘Hayes‘ and followed up with Twitch streamer ‘ChipSa‘ in the role of Community Lead, they’ll be up against 5 other European countries in a bid to make it to the finals held at BlizzCon this year starting on the 2nd of November through to the 3rd at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Facing off against Poland, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy, they’ll be up against plenty of famous names from the previous Overwatch League, such as ‘Poko‘, ‘uNKOE‘, ‘SoOn‘ and ‘AKM‘, all playing for France too. France are also coached by the Assistant Coach for the Los Angeles Valiant, ‘daemoN‘, an ex-League of Legends player who proved himself to be a valuable coach during the Overwatch League. France definitely have a strong lineup of mostly Overwatch League players, proven to be some of the best players in the world but all is not lost for the UK!


Hayes‘, the coach for UK, recently proved himself during the Overwatch League too as the assistant coach for the Philadelphia Fusion, an ex-Overwatch Contenders player for the eUnited team. A proven player for Overwatch and he brought along one extra person from the Philadelphia Fusion. ‘Boombox‘ had played on the Philadelphia Fusion roster as a support player and is an ex-StarCraft 2 player. ‘Boombox‘ is known for his high-class Zenyatta and Moira play, proving he has both excellent mechanical skills and impressive game sense and is certainly no stranger to the spotlight at tournaments. Philadelphia Fusion may not have won the Overwatch League but they came up as a runner up, which is an impressive feat considering some of the lineups we got to see and ‘Boombox‘ did not play a small part in it.



France may have more Overwatch League players than Team UK but the team can’t be written off quite yet as the other players are certainly not “nobody’s”. ‘Smex‘ is one of Team UKs flex players and comes from the Overwatch Contenders league for NRG Esports, a team with an impressive list of previous players, including ‘Seagull‘, ‘iddqd‘ and ‘harbleu‘, all of which we’ve seen perform at the Overwatch League. ‘Kyb‘ and ‘MikeyA‘ hail from the British Hurricane, the academy team of the London Spitfire and perform in the Overwatch Contenders. ‘KSP‘ will join ‘Kyb‘ and ‘MikeyA‘ as one of Team UKs DPS players, known for his impressive skills on Widowmaker during his time at Young and Beautiful, another Contenders team who previously had the Twitch streamer ‘shadder2k‘ on its roster. ‘Kruise‘ is another Contenders player, previously playing for eUnited and currently on the Toronto Esports team who are a partner of the Boston Uprising. The final player currently does not have a team but has played in the Contenders before under 2 seperate teams: Mosaic Esports and 6nakes. ‘ChrisTFer‘ is known most for his main tank play with Winston and Reinhardt and follows his role along to the Team UK roster.

We look forward to Team UKs first games on Friday the 21st of September against Germany and Poland at the Espace Grande Arche in Paris.

Can’t make it to Paris? Me neither but you can catch the Overwatch World Cup on their Twitch channel here.

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