The Power of Video Games

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Competitive video games are becoming more popular than ever. Whether it’s a battle royale, a first person shooter or a fighting game, the chances are you are competing, either against friends or strangers online. With multiplayer becoming even more of a focus to game developers lately we are seeing huge Esports tournaments taking place around the world, culminating in finals for cash prizes (with the largest amount for a prize pool being $25,532,177 for Dota 2) or land winners medals, trophies and other goodies. Naturally, more and more countries are starting up their own Esports organisations and Scotland is no exception. This article will look at what that will potentially mean for the gaming community of Scotland and beyond.

The International 2018: Dota 2 Championships

Esports Scotland has its own leagues for games (Scottish Esports League) which is a fantastic opportunity for gamers to congregate online and either team up on League of Legends or battle individually in Street Fighter V, Mario Kart 8 and more. Even if you do not wish to take part in the SEL the Esports Scotland website has features that allow you to find groups of gamers for the likes of Overwatch and Fortnite, to name a few. As more and more players come together there becomes an opportunity for more games to be announced or at least considered. Voices have a chance to be heard (or at least seen in forums).

The SEL finals are being held at Esports Scotland’s BIG Fest event in October. BIG Fest will take place over a weekend which will allow more people to see what Esports Scotland is about. From cosplay to light gun games there truly will be something for everyone. Now as much as this sounds like a plug (and it kind of is), there are simply not enough video game events of this calibre. With so much technological advancement in the past decade or so we hardly leave our own comforts to go and play our games elsewhere but the buzz of so many finals taking place around you as well as hundreds of people dressed up will be nostalgic for older gamers and hopefully encouraging to the younger generations to sign up for the next set of tournaments.

Esports in Scotland has great potential not just for gamers but for the economy as well. If regular large scale events take place, this will mean more opportunities for jobs. It will create more interest from media outlets which will cause intrigue amongst non-gamers.

Newzoos report on the economic impact and growth of Esports as an industry

The popularity of video games has increased drastically thanks in part to the internet, with more enthusiastic competitors wanting to be the next big champion on the pro scene or perhaps a streamer or content creator. With Esports Scotland you have a chance to put yourself out there and grow to reach new heights.

I hope through this article and Esports Scotland you will see that for us gamers and residents of Scotland the future is looking good and I look forward to seeing what we can all achieve together.

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