Esports Scotland BIG Fest 2018 Tickets Live

We are pleased to officially announce Esports Scotland BIG Fest 2018, the evolution to the popular Battles in Glasgow, which is now part of the Esports Scotland family and will be known as the BIG:Events series.

BIG Fest 2018 will be held on 6th and 7th October at The Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh. Tickets are now available from

The event will host the finals of the Scottish Esports League Season 1 and Overwatch Esports Scotland Cup. There will also be stalls, live music and Q&As, as well as a few surprises which are yet to be announced.

At Esports Scotland, we’re dedicated to showcasing the very best Scottish esports has to offer. As such, we are excited to take this to the next level by hosting our first large scale offline event. The event will include multiple stages for the competitive matches, as well as gaming areas for social gaming.

At the end of the season, we will be adding up all the ranking points for the different leagues in SEL. The top 8 contenders in all single player games will be given a free pass for the days of their events. For team games, we will be holding online semi-finals in September for the top 4 teams in each league. The top 2 teams will then receive a free pass for the day of their finals. Details of all the games in SEL, the dates of their upcoming tournaments and how to sign up can be found here.

For OESC, there are still 4 online qualifiers to come in August. The winners of these 4 qualifiers will win free passes to the OESC semi-finals and finals to be held on Sunday 7th October at BIG Fest 2018. Full details and sign-ups for OESC can be found here. Whether you play on Switch, Xbox, Playstation or PC, it’s not too late to earn your opportunity to play on the big stage.

For full details of the event, including how you can get involved and scheduling information, please go to 

We look forward to meeting our community and celebrating the Scottish esports scene together.