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Operations Manager for Esports Scotland. Previously worked with Perilous Gaming, as Dota 2, FGC and General Manager and continually work with Epic.LAN on Retain Team.

UKDota Player Picked Up As Coach

Been wanting to write something about UKDota for a number of months now but there hasn’t really been any activity in the scene especially in Scotland. There are currently no UKDota tournaments announced for this year, ESL One Birmingham doesn’t count, and a lot of the tier 1 players (usually immortal with couple LAN wins) have moved on from competitive play.  . . . .  . . . read more

Pedestal Games

Everyone has that one game they defend, even though they know full well there are much better games, it doesn’t stop them from arguing that their game is the greatest of all time. These are what I like to call pedestal games. You have elevated your opinion of this game to such a level that nothing anyone can say will change your mind. Now I’m not saying these games are bad, far from it. Every game on this list, in their own way, are some of the best examples of the video game industry and show just how far our medium has come. All I’m asking is, should you elevate these games beyond human understanding? . . . .  . . . read more

Activision Blizzard and Bungie Part Ways

After eight out of a planned ten year partnership, Activision Blizzard has parted ways with Bungie who have retained full control over the Destiny IP.

In a blog post on their website Bungie said,

“We have enjoyed a successful eight-year run and would like to thank Activision for their partnership on Destiny. Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce plans for Activision to transfer publishing rights for Destiny to Bungie. With our remarkable Destiny community, we are ready to publish on our own, while Activision will increase their focus on owned IP projects.” . . . .  . . . read more

Let’s End G.O.A.T.S – Overwatch PTR Update

With only just over a month to go till OWL Season 2, it seems Blizzard is looking to completely destroy G.O.A.T.S with this latest PTR patch which nerfs armor, D’Va and Brigitte while massively buffing Reaper. Here’s the rundown of the changes from Blizzard’s website;


Damage reduction from armor reduced from -5 to -3
Developer Comments: Before this change armor reduced all incoming damage by up to 5, maxing at half of the normal amount. This change reduces the damage reduction to 3, while still capping at half. This change will be mostly noticeable on heroes that fire quickly or in a burst of shots (such as shotguns), and which do more than 6 damage per shot. For example, Soldier: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle will now do 16 damage per shot to armor, up from 14, an increase of 15%. Armor was a bit too strong overall, especially when being healed quickly and often. This change will help more heroes fight against higher armored enemies. . . . .  . . . read more

Glasgow Fortnite Event is a Huge Success

Article by Adam Lyon

The Fortnite craze landed in Glasgow this past weekend and the game’s Scottish fans turned out in huge numbers to take part. The EStars with Fortnite tournament, held at Celtic Park from Friday to Sunday, gave gamers of all ages the chance to compete against others and win prizes.

Playing on either PlayStation or Xbox, competitors had an hour to secure as many victories as possible, with the number of kills per victory being a factor as well. The top nine players from across the weekend at Celtic Park would go on to the grand final, held at Stamford Bridge in London later this year, with those in the final competing to win the ultimate prize of £25,000.

As well as the tournament, competitors could take part in dance competitions alongside their favourite characters and have the chance to win great prizes. Anticipation was high throughout the day as over 200 competitors played game after game, with shouts of joy and fist-pumping from those who were successful. There was a real sense of excitement that only a game like Fortnite can bring, and with 10 more stops on the EStars tour, gamers up and down the country are in for a treat.

Upcoming UKDota Tournaments

This week, one of the biggest ever esports tournament in the UK is happening; ESL One Birmingham 2018. It is the UK’s first ever Dota 2 Major and has caused tournament organisers to increase capacity 4 times at Birmingham Arena. ESL have even gone on record to say it’s the fastest selling ESL tournament there’s ever been worldwide. The prize fund is $1 million with the winning team getting $500,000. 12 teams will be playing at the tournament. 6 have been invited with a further 6 coming through regional qualifiers. Out of these 12 teams, none are from the UK. There isn’t even a UK player in the tournament. . . . .  . . . read more

Patch Notes 1.3

With block 1 in SEL Season 1 finished, we move into block 2 with our block patch notes. First of all, instead of doing patch notes every week, we will put them up when we feel there is enough information to do so. Originally, they were weekly but we found there wasn’t always enough changes in order to warrant a post. Esports Scotland will always be doing block patch notes every five weeks though. As stated in the introduction to patch notes article, these will be major changes to game rules and formats. Here are the patch notes for block 2;  . . . .  . . . read more

Block 1 Round Up

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone from the Esports Scotland community that took part in SEL Season 1 Block 1. None of this would be possible without your support. The winners of all tournaments in block 1 are as follows;

CS:GO – Revelation Gaming

Splatoon 2 – Ankling

LoL – Team Fire . . . .  . . . read more