Esports Scotland is proud to present the first season of SEL!

The grassroots esports league. Open to everyone. Made in Scotland.

To join SEL Season 1, click your chosen games link above. You will need an Esports Scotland user account to play. Players are allowed to play in multiple leagues, but not in multiple teams in the same league. See global rules for full details.

Every week, there will be a tournament, for two games, were players and teams can accumulate points depending on where they place.  At the end of the league, the points will be added up. The top teams, with the highest number of points in every league, will then be invited to the esports Scotland LAN final.  

The LAN final will be held in Edinburgh towards the end of the year. As well as being a LAN final, we are planning to make the event a celebration of Esports in Scotland.  This will include Q&As, stalls and live music to name but a few.

As well as the online tournaments, we will be hosting an Open Last Chance Online Qualifier in September.  This will give one team/player, from each league, a chance to win an invitation to the final.

We would like to thank you for showing support to esports in Scotland. Good luck on your esports journey!

SEL is open to anyone (you don’t have to be Scottish or based in Scotland to support esports in Scotland).

You need an Esports Scotland account (see register at top of page) and a battlefy account to register for SEL Season 1. Every player in your team must have these.

Participants can play in multiple leagues but only one team within each league.

Teams max capacity is double the players they need in game. For example 10 for CS:GO.

Players are not allowed to roster swap during season however 2 standins allowed for each team. These standins MUST always be cleared with TMs first. Also, please try to keep the same standins for the same tournament that week.