Meet the team

The team at Esports Scotland are two things first and foremost. Gamers and passionate about Scottish esports. All of us play on different platforms, have different taste in games but we are all linked by our love of the video game industry especially esports. Some of us have set up communities before while others have organised some of the biggest tournaments in the UK never mind Scotland. Every staff member of the Esports Scotland team is more than qualified for the job and have the passion to really do some good for the Scottish esports scene. Click below to find out more.



IRL Name - james hood @jamesadmin

Position - Founder, General Manager

Gamertag - Hoody Craw

Previous positions - Videographer, Editor, Xbox One Scotland Owner

Special moves - Ideas, plans and using the word "Boom!"

Favourite games - Halo, Ark, Destiny

Quote - "Do what you love, love what you do."

Position - Operations Manager and Tournament Manager for (coming soon)


Position - Operations Manager and Tournament Manager for Dota 2

Gamertag - DotShotgun

Previous Positions - General Manager, Dota 2 and FGC Manager at Perilous Gaming, Retail Team at Epic.LAN

Special Moves - Managing esports folks, multitasking, letter writing wizard and good banter

Favourite Games - God of War 2, Dota 2, Sonic 2, Uncharted 2 (he likes sequels)

Quote - "It's Robotnik not Eggman and it always will be"

Communications Team

IRL name - Alannah Hunter

Position - Social Media Manager

Gamertag - Alannah001

Previous PositionsSocial Media at Namedroppers, Full Time Twitch Streamer

Special Moves - Gaming, Music

Favourite Games - Overwatch, Fortnite, Call Of Duty-Black Ops 3, Far Cry

Quote - “I think, therefore I am”

IRL name - Jason Welsh @Pelega

Position - Web Development Manager

Gamertag - Pelega WoC

Previous Positions - World of Clans (WoC) founder - ladders and tournaments, Big Clan Bash (BCB) organiser, Our Clan Host (OCH) web hosting, Pimp my Gaming (PMG) store founder, EVE Arena website admin

Special Moves - Waving wands at the internet

Favourite Games - Total war games, Games Workshop video games, anything with strategy

Quote - "Be like water"

Content Team

IRL Name - James Rodgers

Position - Audio Manager

Gamertag - Jodgers

Previous Positions - Freelance Game Music Composer, Game Developer

Special Moves  - Composing Music, Audio Design, Smash 4

Favourite Games - Super Smash Bros., Resident Evil 4, Super Mario World, Shovel Knight, The Long Dark

Quote - “For Shovelry!”



IRL Name - Andrew Dooner

Position - Content Writer Editor

Gamertag - DubstepGravyCat/Skorpio917

Previous Positions - Vehicle Technician and Media Producer for INN

Special Moves - Making funny videos, memes and being lazy

Favourite Games - Overwatch, Warframe, Stellaris, EVE Online

Quote - "Where we droppin', boys?"


Position - Content Writer

Gamertag - CMRNBRD

Previous Positions - Game Dev/ Comp Sci student

Special Moves - Nasty quickscopes, Netflix procrastination, Pro at being bad

Favourite Games - Fortnite, Rocket League, Islands of Nyne, R6S, The Last of Us

Quote - "Where we going boi"

IRL name - michael philip

Position - Graphic Designer

Gamertag - steelmike237

Previous Positions - Graphic Designer at Livewire Gaming Ltd and Sales Associate at TK Maxx

Special Moves - Illustration and graphic design

Favourite Games - World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront (2004), Rogue Squadron 2, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Legend of Zelda:Wind Waker

Quote - “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”
irl name - ror mackenzie

Position - Stream Team Manager

Gamertag - The Subtle Arts

Previous Positions - Classified

Special Moves - Classified

Favourite Games - RB6: Siege, TW3, Diablo 3, The Division

Quote - "Existence is overrated"

irl Name - Mark Bishop

Position – Stream Coordinator

Gamertag – Grandy

Previous Positions – None of my previous roles involved fancy titles! However, I do casting/hosting and occasionally graphics for various orgs when I have the time

Special Moves – Fortitude

Favourite Games – Rocket League, Civilisation V, Team Fortress 2, Age of Empires II/III, Half Life, Portal"

Quote – “Tea-drinking scone chomper with a monocle”

IRL name - Neil Strachan

Position - Stream Coordinator

Gamertag - SunnyStrachan

Previous Positions - Playing lots of video games

Special Moves - Video games, Making tacos, Youtube

Favourite Games - Smite, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Metal gear solid 1/2/3, Rust, PUBG, Final Fight and Unreal tournament

Quote - “Aw hell yeah."
irl name - emma mcneill @emcneill

Position - Video Content Creator

Gamertag - emsiepop

Previous Positions - I’m 35 so too many to list, the highlight being co-editor of MarriedtoXbox

Special Moves - Fixing broken toys and feeling like a hero, doing the hard bits on games the kids can’t do (and feeling like a hero) and then sleeping

Favourite Games - Rez HD, CoD:MW2, Mass Effect 1-3 and Peggle

Quote - "Just once, I'd like to ask someone for help and hear them say, 'Sure, let's go. Right now. No strings attached"

IRL name - Michael Pilkington

Position - Video Content Creator

Gamertag - RealPilky

Previous PositionsYouTube Content Creator for 6+ years.

Special Moves - Pretending to be funny.  Pretending I can edit videos. Pretending.

Favourite GamesBioshock, Fallout, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Halo, FTL : Faster Than Light, The Last of Us, Binding of Isaac and many more.

Quote - “Ha-bee.”
irl name - Verona Parker

Position - Video Content Creator

Gamertag - Verona

Previous PositionsUsed to make video games, now I just play them and sometimes write about them.

Special MovesMaking breakfast and being opinionated.

Favourite GamesFinal Fantasy XI, Half-Life 1, Silent Hill 3, CS:GO, Europa Universalis IV

Quote - “It’s only game, why you have to be mad?”

Events Team

irl name - David g barrett @dbarrett

Position - Online Events Manager and Tournament Manager for Splatoon 2, ARMS and Rivals of Aether

Gamertag - GimbleB

Previous Positions - N/A

Special Moves - Master strategist

Favourite Games - Rivals of Aether, Timesplitters 2 & 3, Starcraft 2

Quote - "I have a cunning plan"


irl name - adrienne r angel @aangel

Position - Tournament Manager for League of Legends

Gamertag - Arangela

Previous Positions - Tournament Manager at Insomnia, Esports Crew at MCM Esports, Founder of the League of Legends Scotland Community, Tournament Lead at Insomnia Game Festival's Overwatch tournament

Special Moves - Speaks more languages than any one person should (often at once). Proficient at herding cats (aka "people management"

Favourite Games - League of Legends, Age of Empires

Quote - "Yup, that tasted purple"

irl name - robert allAn @rallan

Position - Tournament Manager for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

Gamertag - Bahamut Zero 84

Previous Positions - N/A

Special Moves - Encyclopedic knowledge of retro console setup and an unending hunger for hotdogs

Favourite Games -  Far too many to count

Quote - "..... If only I could be so grossly incandescent"

irl name - Charlie Cannell

Position - Tournament Manager for Rainbow Six Siege

Gamertag - xScottish Wolfx

Previous PositionsTeam Leader for 5-man squad for Rainbow Six Siege.

Special Moves - Being a father.

Favourite Games - Skyrim,Fallout (4 especially), Rainbow Six, GTA, 7 Days to die, Elite Dangerous, Ark, Arma , seriously most games i play i love

Quote - "Freeeeeedommmm."

irl name - neill donaldson @ndonaldson

Position - Tournament Manager for CS:GO/League of Legends and Caster

Gamertag - Neilly

Previous Positions - Admin and On-Site Interviewer for November Regin

Special Moves - Child prodigy at Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, adept at killing locust

Favourite Games - League of Legends, CS:GO, Stellaris and CoD 4

Quote - "Win it until you are it"

irl name - iain livingstone @iainL

Position - CS:GO Tournament Manager

Gamertag - Lainzi

Previous Positions - Events Admin: Versus Scotland, Tournament Admin: Rushdown Edinburgh

Special Moves - Travelling forward in time at regular speed

Favourite Games - CS:GO, Monster Hunter World, Super Smash Bros

Quote - "No. No it's the children who are wrong."

irl name - craig mcneill @cmcneill

Position - Tournament Manager for Overwatch

Gamertag - Omallystwin

Previous Positions - Co-editor of MarriedtoXbox and Orisa Main

Special Moves - Mad kart racing skills, editing videos and chasing achievements

Favourite Games - Sonic the Hedgehog, Gears of War 1-4, Portal 1&2 and Sonic Racing Transformed

Quote - “Trust me, it’ll work…..ah…..crap.”

IRL Name - Lewis Murray @lewsleeps

Position - Tournament Manager for Puyo Puyo Tetris

Gamertag - lewsleeps

Previous Positions - Helped out in several BiGs (Battles in Glasgow), co-ran Smash Bros tournament series Final Deenstination, TO + Mod + Designer for PuyoGB

Special Moves - Drawing, cooking, sleeping

Favourite Games - Team Fortress 2, Sonic Adventure, EarthBound, MOTHER 3, Wonderful 101 and ArcSys fighting games

Quote - "ooft"

irl name - logan watt @lwatt

Position - Tournament Manager for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Gamertag - Myrrh

Previous Positions - Organiser at FIFA Night Kirkcaldy 2014 - 2016

Special Moves - Godly spreadsheeting and hammering the A button to skip storyline text

Favourite Games - World of Warcraft, Rocket League, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, League of Legends, PUBG

Quote - "Happy tauren come from Mulgore."

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