Following on from Herald on Sunday article “How Scotland is missing its chance in the esports industry”

There was a tremendously positive response to the recent article in the Herald on Sunday which asked why there wasn’t a fully professional esports scene in Scotland. We would like to thank the Herald on Sunday for taking an interest in raising the awareness of Scottish esports and producing this article. However, members of the Scottish Fighting Game Community (SFGC), as well as other parties, have spoken up to say that the article did not fully represent their scene and all the support professional companies such as Currys PC World and GT Omega put into it. 

For those of you that don’t know, the Scottish FGC is the crown jewel of the Scottish esports scene. Without it, and the tireless hard work its members put in, Scottish esports would not be where it is today. Its players work unrelated esports jobs and/or are in education while also training non-stop to become the best while the SFGC TOs do the same while organising some of the biggest Scottish esports tournaments. The fact that a scene as professionally run as SFGC has as little full-time professionals in it as it does is one of the reasons Esports Scotland exists. All we want to do is support and grow SFGC and the rest of Scottish esports so everyone involved can have a fully professional career in the scene and do it as their full-time job.

Plans are afoot to produce a full article about the Scottish FGC which will talk about its history, future and include interviews with prominent members and professionals in the scene. We wanted to put this short article out today though to address the issues which people have raised. The SFGC is incredibly important to ESS. There are so many players and TOs we’ve become friends with who we want to see become full-time esports professionals in years to come. ESS is planning something very big for SFGC this year and beyond alongside multiple professional companies who also want to support Scottish esports. There’s a lot of hard work which needs to be done first. We know Scottish esports is ready to unite and put the work in to make it happen though.

If you would like more information about SFGC then here are two interviews which were produced by ESS with prominent Scottish Street Fighter V players Naught and Suleymon;

Naught –

Suleymon –