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SEL S2: Week Two Roundup


TPO continued their dominant form in SEL with another strong performance against 4Dimensions. The favourites displayed confidence and coordination en route to a 16-7 victory. 4Dimensions looked competitive, however, and will one to watch as they strive to recover from this setback.

Highlands Fatties got off to a roaring start against Lunarc and quickly pulled away to a six round lead on Mirage. Lunarc fought back well to close the deficit and looked like they might be able to pull off the comeback. Ultimately, their slow start proved too much to overcome; the Fatties claimed a 16-11 win and will go on to face TPO for the first playoff place. . . . .  . . . read more

SEL S2 – Week One Roundup

SEL Season Two has finally started and, after a week of competition, our competitors are on the road to Glasgow. Join us as we remember the week’s events and look forward to the upcoming games.


TPO Esports, the reigning champions, began the new season as strongly as the ended last year. Fresh off a victory at BigWAN in Falkirk, TPO had a dominant performance on the CT side of Mirage and led 13-2 at half-time en route to a 16-3 win over Omni. . . . .  . . . read more

CSGO @ SEL Season Two

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will make a grand return to SEL for Season Two.

TPO.Esports Alba were crowned SEL Season One champions at BIG Fest 2018. Season Two is going to be even bigger as we will hold the finals during Resonate at the SEC in Glasgow on 20-21 July 2019.

The qualifiers are due to begin at the end of April and will continue through May using the Swiss format. Top performers shall be invited to compete for prizes at Resonate.

Sign-ups for the qualifiers will go live this Thursday. Prize pools and further information for competitors will be confirmed soon.

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Rainbow Six Siege Breaks And Enters Into SEL Season Two

Sledge will be coming home to Scotland as Rainbow Six Seige for PC joins the SEL Season Two line-up.

Esports Scotland will be running an online qualifier, scheduled at the end of April and into May, using the Swiss format. Teams with a winning record will compete in a knock-out tournament to find the best Rainbow Six team in Scotland.

ESS will host the grand final during Resonate at the SEC in Glasgow on 20-21 July 2019.

Qualifier sign-ups will go live this Thursday and prize pools, as well as further details for competitors, will be announced soon.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate In SEL Season 2 – Coming To A Town Near You

Following the massive demand for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at BIG Fest 2018, we’ve added it to the SEL Season Two lineup.

At Esports Scotland, we want to work with those already in the scene so we can evolve Scottish esports together. We are therefore excited to announce that we will be working with regional organisations to take our Smash tournament entirely offline.

The regional events will lead to a grand final which will be hosted during Resonate at the SEC in Glasgow on 20-21 July 2019. Our partners have four tournaments scheduled so far, but there will be more to follow. Click on the events to sign-up and take part.

Friday 19th April – Royale 5 @ Abertay Smash Society, Dundee.
Monday 29th April – Giant Attack, Dundee (Sign-up link not yet available)
Saturday 11th May – Silver City Smash 5 @ Reset Aberdeen, Aberdeen.
Saturday 25th May – Lang Toun Showdown 4 @ Battle Lounge Fife, Kirkcaldy.

We will invite the top performers from the regional tournaments to our grand final at the end of the season where players from all over the country will compete to be crowned Season 2 Champion. Prizes and further information for finalists will be confirmed soon.

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Following on from Herald on Sunday article “How Scotland is missing its chance in the esports industry”

There was a tremendously positive response to the recent article in the Herald on Sunday which asked why there wasn’t a fully professional esports scene in Scotland. We would like to thank the Herald on Sunday for taking an interest in raising the awareness of Scottish esports and producing this article. However, members of the Scottish Fighting Game Community (SFGC), as well as other parties, have spoken up to say that the article did not fully represent their scene and all the support professional companies such as Currys PC World and GT Omega put into it.  . . . .  . . . read more

Scottish FGC Interview – Suleymon

Continuing our series of interviews with Scottish esports players, this week we chatted to former Fnatic SFV and Scottish FGC (Fighting Game Community) player Suleymon.

Hello Suleymon, please introduce yourself.

My name’s Assad. I’ve been playing Competitive Street Fighter V through the Capcom Pro Tour and the Gfinity Elite Series for about 3 years and a bit now.

Tell us about your journey as an esports player.

Been playing Fighting Games for as long as I can remember man! Pretty sure my first games were Tekken 3 and Street Fighter Alpha 3 back on the PS1. However I only just started to properly learn fighting games round about the end of the Street Fighter 4 days. The first fighting game I was consistently attending locals for was Mortal Kombat X. As SF4 was at the end of its cycle and SFV wasn’t out yet this was the most popular scene at the time. . . . .  . . . read more

Operation Burnt Horizon

It looks like we’re heading down under, as it was announced that the next map coming to Rainbow Six Siege will be Outback. It will come as part of Operation Burnt Horizon which will be the first of the Season 4 set.

Just a few days before the announcement of Outback, we were teased with information on the 2 upcoming SASR Operators. In their  . . . .  . . . read more