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EvE Online Continues Being Awesome

Chances are that you’ve heard of EvE Online. Whether it’s a comment someone made about it being a “spreadsheet simulator” or an article about it on a major news site talking about the game setting records. Regardless, EvE online is arguably the most successful MMORPG ever to be released. The game is now over 15 years old and has shown no signs of slowing down with the developers, CCP, starting to release 2 major updates each year with the most recent being the Into The Abyss expansion. Introducing new ships, new skills, new weapons and new activities. Since then we’ve had new skins, remodels of ships, faction citadels etc etc. . . . .  . . . read more

Esports Scotland Partners With Foam Dart Thunder

Esports Scotland Partners With Foam Dart Thunder

Esports Scotland are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Foam Dart Thunder, a Nerf event organiser based in Scotland. They have been operating Nerf events since early 2013 and are now the largest Nerf organisation in the UK. FDT are passionate about getting kids and adults to have fun while also taking part in exercise. . . . .  . . . read more

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: UK Invitational

With a little over 4 months away from the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release date, Nintendo UK VS Live: London hosted the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational on the 29th July.

The Invitational saw 8 top Super Smash Bros. players all showing their abilities and competing for the top spot. Scottish players Andrew “Ander” Bruce (ranked #2 in Scotland) and Jack “Yackabean” Payne (ranked #1 in Scotland) were both invited, with Ander competing alongside Northern Irish player David “MagiMagi” Cosgrove (ranked #1 in Ireland) and Yackabean invited as a reserve. . . . .  . . . read more

The Great Big Fortnite Night

Currys PC World gave us the chance to have their store open for longer on Saturday so we could play Fortnite on their computers.

On Saturday the 29th of July, we got to hold our first in-person community night in the Fort Kinnaird Currys PC World. About 60 people turned up just for a round of Fortnite on stream and considering we only got the confirmation that it was going ahead a mere 3 days ahead of schedule, I think the turnout was pretty darn good. . . . .  . . . read more

SFV Qualifiers go OFFLINE

Yes, you read that title correctly, we will be having offline qualifiers as well as our already existing SFV online league!

After 2 weeks worth of our SFV League being online, we have heard the community’s concerns and respect the desire for future SFV Scottish Esports League events to be held offline. So, that is what we have done! We identified FGC groups and events, in the community, and offline qualifiers have been created. Reset Aberdeen’s Crush Counter, Turbo Tuesdays in Kirkcaldy and Burn To Fight held by Glasgow’s Maximum Impact Gaming are all hosting events which will give SEL qualifier points towards the SFV finals in October. . . . .  . . . read more

Bethesdas Knockout E3 Presentation

I personally can’t say I’ve checked out an E3 stream before and found myself in the crowd watching a terrifying rock band on stage playing music with a video game played on a screen above them. Perhaps it’s been done before but I can’t imagine on this calibre. Bethesda announced Rage 2 earlier this year and decided to bring along Andrew W.K. to play Ready to Die to capture the feeling of Rage 2. With a gameplay showcase to back up the music, I can definitely see why Andrew W.K. was chosen to provide the soundtrack. Explosive carnage with solid, beefy gunplay we can recognise stemming from the recent Doom (2016) game and abilities seamlessly merged in between the gunshots and blood-splatters of raiders. Rage 2 is definitely on my watchlist this year. . . . .  . . . read more

Fighting Game Events Coming Up

Along with our own Scottish Esports League events, we are keen to support local events. So I have compiled a short list of just some of the events that are coming up in the next couple of months:

Maximum Impact Glasgow – Burn to Fight Glasgow

Dates: 9th June/ 7th July      Location: Max-XP Gaming . . . .  . . . read more

Operation Para Bellum – Release Patch Notes

With Operation Para Bellum going live today, I’m going to take a look at both the original patch notes and the patch notes addendum that they released after TTS servers were closed.

Original patch notes:

The main changes we’ll see with Operation Para Bellum are the addition of the new map and 2 new operators.


The villa was specifically designed to offer a competitive showdown. It sets the stage for diverse gameplay, providing wide staircases, narrow tunnels, and secret hatches. Don’t let the lush décor fool you, the villa is deadly: some of its floors are destructible and can fully expose you.” . . . .  . . . read more

Overwatch Gets Its Most Anticipated Update Since Mercy Got Nerfed

Last night the PTR got its newest patch update and with it comes a few important changes for Doomfist, Orisa and, the most anticipated since her last rework, Symmetra.

Symmetra has always been a controversial pick with some stating that anyone who picks Symmetra, under any circumstances, is throwing the game. Now, Symmetra has moved forward from being a purely defensive character by design (despite what some Symmetra one-tricks might say) to becoming a very viable offense pick. . . . .  . . . read more