About esports Scotland


Welcome to Esports Scotland, the first registered professional gaming organisation based in Scotland. Our goal is to support competitive gaming from the grassroots to the professional level. We aim to provide opportunities for esports talent in Scotland to be scouted by professional teams through hosting and sponsoring tournaments nationwide with the focus always on Scotland.

This all starts with Scottish Esports League Season 1, a series of online tournaments leading up to our LAN Finals held in Edinburgh. As well as SEL, we’ll be bringing you events throughout the country as well as promoting many more esports tournaments, LANs and events happening in Scotland. We want to bring the Scottish gaming communities together so we can give players a real platform to show off their skills.

Letter from Esports Scotland’s Owner James Hood

A wise man once told me, do what you love, love what you do. Fast forward 30 years and here we are.

My Dad was a wise man!

I would personally like to welcome you to Esports Scotland. If you are reading this, you are passionate about gaming and you want to help grow and support the gaming communities here in Scotland. Or you could have been following us on social media and the hype was too much you just had to check out the website. Either way i’m glad you are here.

I run a video production company and also a wedding videography company but in any spare time I have always been a gamer. If I think back to when my parents first bought me a Spectrum 128k (Google it) till now gaming has been the one constant passion in my life.

I decided to start a facebook group a few years ago called Xbox One Scotland. Found it was a great place to get my geek on and chat to like minded people that share my same passion for games. Before you either love me or hate me for having an Xbox I also have a PS4, Wii U and a kick ass pc (That I use for editing only or I would never get any work at the office done). I love all tech so as long as the games good you can count me in.

Started to find out about other gaming groups and found out that there were lots of little groups all over Scotland. Some were really established and some not so much. I spoke to a friend about this and he wasn’t aware about the communities I had found that were all around us. Gaming for me, had been going around to my friend’s house to play Nintendo games or after the internet kicked off, playing online and meeting new friends from all over the world. But I never knew about these gaming communities that were setting up in halls and having actual gaming tournaments. I decided to create another facebook page this time called Esports Scotland. I wanted to start to let people know that these tournaments were going on. So, I started sharing their posts and letting people know they what was going on.

Like everything I do though, I don’t just stop with the initial idea. One idea leads to another idea and before you know it I’ve created something big. Last year I started to go out and visit some of these tournaments. I went and met the guys and girls at Gaming Scotland, Turbo Tuesday and then Hypespotting. What I found were groups of like minded people who love games. Some even more so than me and I really liked that. No chat was too geek.

A lot of the people I met on my scouting mission are a part of the team here at Esports Scotland now and like me they share my dream of helping grow esports in Scotland from the grassroots up.

I have a million ideas and plans here at Esports Scotland. Really want to look back in 10 years’ time and see how we helped gaming communities in Scotland grow and how we helped that kid make the leap from playing casually with his friends to making it pro in their own esports team.

We hope you enjoy being along for the journey with us and joining in with our Scottish Esports League. It might not be the most lucrative competition out there but having your name chiselled on that season 1 trophy will one day be something cool to look back on.