UKDota Player Picked Up As Coach

Been wanting to write something about UKDota for a number of months now but there hasn’t really been any activity in the scene especially in Scotland. There are currently no UKDota tournaments announced for this year, ESL One Birmingham doesn’t count, and a lot of the tier 1 players (usually immortal with couple LAN wins) have moved on from competitive play.

This week though, there’s been actual UKDota news! As announced on his Twitter, UK LAN winner Robson “TeaGuvnor” Merritt has been picked up by Chaos Esports Club as a coach.

It is fantastic to see a tier one UKDota player progress in the international scene. Know he’ll use the knowledge and experience he’s gained in his multiple LAN appearances to forge a career for himself in esports.

With Tea taking the coaching path, there’s a chance other UKDota players will follow suit. The previous generation of players, especially the large amount of talented tier 1 players, all have potential to coach. Yes, there are very few UKDota players that have gone professional but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have the potential too. All of them are very high skilled players with excellent knowledge of the game. I’d even say there’s a couple that would make good team managers.  This wouldn’t just have to happen at a professional level either. Imagine how good it would be for the next generation of players to be coached and managed by the ones who have lived UKDota these past years! Knowing the scene the way I do, this is highly unlikely but it’s a nice thought.

There are two phrases which surround UKDota. One of these is “UKDota is dead”. With no teams or tournaments on the horizon, you might say this phrase is fact. Thing is, an esports scene is more than tournaments. It’s those LAN winners still playing ranked with each other, the friendships you’ve made with other people in your scene, groups like UKDota Facebook who arrange regular meet-ups and the memes you’ve created along the way. As long as there are still people supporting the scene and players like Tea flying the flag, UKDota will never die.

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