FAQs / Guides

Do I have to be Scottish to play?

You do NOT have to be Scottish or living in Scotland to compete. Many of our events cover the entire UK and Ireland, with our focus on LANs being in Scotland.

How do I complete my profile page?

Once you are a registered user, you can view your profile, as well as edit the information and change your privacy settings. You can read our handy guide here. You will then be able to create player and team profiles later.

How do I create a player profile?
You may only have one Esports Scotland user account. Your player profiles are attached to your user account, so you can have a player account for your CS:GO team, as well as one for your Street Fighter V SEL. You can follow our handy guide here.
How do I register a team?

Only the team captain should register a team name. You must first create a player profile and have it approved before submitting a team to be approved. You can register your team, by following this handy user guide.

Please note all teams are manually verified by SEL staff before appearing on the website.

How do I join a League?

All SEL games have an apply to join form on their main page. You should have already created a team/player profile before submitting an application form. This will help speed up the process. Your application/check-in is sent immediately to the SEL staff.

How many leagues can I play in?

You can play in as many leagues as you wish, and you can create multiple teams/players to represent this, but you may only play for one team in each league, and you may only have one User Account on Esports Scotland.

Will my team really be banned for missing a fixture?

We allow teams to check-in in order to confirm they can be scheduled. Each SEL has its own rules and settings, but as a whole, ESS has some global rules that we must ensure all users adhere to, you can find our global rules here. If your team or account has been banned you will have already been notified.

Will my team always be part of the league once we sign up?

Each block we allow teams to ‘Check-in’ By doing this each block, it lets the TM know your team can make the next event date, and can then be scheduled in for matches.

How do I “check in” each block?

Each SEL Tournament Manager is responsible for deciding when participants must ‘Check-in’ and when 'Check-in' closes. You do this simply by completing the ‘Apply to join’ form on your choosen SEL game each block. We are looking to improve this process for the future.

Will you have “insert game name” in upcoming events/leagues?

At Esports Scotland we like to work with publishers to get approval for all of our Leagues, and our special events like the Overwatch Esports Scotland Cup. We are constantly speaking with developers and will keep the community updated as and when we will be launching new games into the SEL. Other games may feature in Community Nights.

What are community nights and do they affect my league teams?

These are our “other” events, covering games that are not part of the SEL, and as such have no contribution to any of your SEL team stats. They may however be used for LAN qualifications.