GUIDE: Creating an ESS Player/Team Profile

The following guide will help you add yourself to the Esports Scotland roster of players, create your teams, and submit for review to join ESS events or the SEL.

All users will now have a new toolbar at the top of the webpage with a drop-down menu under the “+New” header – only when logged into the website.

All of these options will allow you to “submit for review” before being published – An ESS member of staff must approve any new user submitted content – so please bear this in mind when adding Teams and Players.

Start by adding yourself as a player.

When you click on +New > Player You will be taken to the admin section of the website where you can enter your player name (You do not have to put anything in the large text box)

On the right of the page is where you will then build up your player profile from select boxes. Once you click on a box with text already inside it, you will be given a list of all available options.

It is important you complete each field (except team fields for now) If your team has already been made then you may select it from the “Current Teams” drop down.

Once you have done this, scroll back to the top of the page and click on the “Submit for review” button. Your ESS player profile will now be reviewed by a member of staff. We will screen for profanity or any rules breaching terms, before authorising the player account.

Your team may be represented in multiple leagues, so you only have to select which SEL games you actually participate in for your team.

If you are your teams Captain, you will be able to select that position in this player profile creation. All other users should select “Member” for position.

You can also submit a New Team to join any of the SEL games (while spaces last) but your team name will also not be approved with out staff verification.

Submit a New Team

The options for creating a team name are simplified but will also be subject to ESS Global rules, staff review and league capacity limits.

You may add in your Teams URL and submit a logo. Every action you carry out is linked directly to your ESS account.

You may create as many player profiles/teams as you wish, such as a team that competes in the SEL CS:GO league, or a team that is only going to be used for Community Events.

Community Events will be outside of the SEL and will not be used in connection with your SEL team stats.

All player and team stats will be updated by ESS staff, so once you have set up your team and have players on your roster, you will be able to see scheduled matches, past match results, as well as look into other players profiles on other teams.


  1. Good Stuff man, i love the way its set out and this guide is really easy to follow 🙂 the layout of the dash board is also really easy to navigate, and i love the layout.

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