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Patch Notes 1.3

With block 1 in SEL Season 1 finished, we move into block 2 with our block patch notes. First of all, instead of doing patch notes every week, we will put them up when we feel there is enough information to do so. Originally, they were weekly but we found there wasn’t always enough changes in order to warrant a post. Esports Scotland will always be doing block patch notes every five weeks though. As stated in the introduction to patch notes article, these will be major changes to game rules and formats. Here are the patch notes for block 2;  . . . .  . . . read more

Introducing SEL Patch Notes

Player feedback is very important to us here at Esports Scotland. Even with 6 games still to announce, we have already received a huge amount of feedback ranging from bracket formats to small rule changes. To make sure our community knows we are listening, Esports Scotland is doing something very unorthodox for an esports league. Starting from today, we will be bringing you weekly and tournament block, every 5 weeks, patch notes. The weekly notes will be small changes which will not effect brackets or the points system but rather be quality of life changes as well as small changes to the rules. The tournament block changes however, will look into any feedback about the way our represented games are run, their formats, the points system for an individual tournament as well as a number of other changes.  While these changes will only go through every five weeks, we will make sure to keep you updated on any major issues that have arisen and how we are discussing to fix them. SEL was always planned to be a tournament that evolved over time through community feedback. We think patch notes are an amazing idea to let you know we’re listening and taking note of your feedback. Do not hesitate to get in contact with suggestions or changes you’d like to see in SEL going forward. Please make sure all your feedback is always constructive if you want us to take notice.  . . . .  . . . read more