Esports Scotland Monthly Cup Series

Oct 1st, 7pm

Oct 12th, 1pm

Oct 18th, 10pm

Oct 26th, Noon

BETA_STAGE - October

Welcome to the Esports Scotland monthly cup series!

Every Saturday through October, we'll be showcasing a new format for our off-season competitions. These online cups will allow you to compete in the games we know you love, as well as other games which haven't appeared in the Scottish Esports League. The October cups begin with Rainbow Six on October 5th and will also feature Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and PES 2020.

During the beta stage we'll be testing our games, tournament formats and rule sets. We'll be making changes based on your feedback, so let us know what you think and any suggestions you might to help improve your experience using the feedback form below, or on social media.

NOTE: For all participants, please ensure you join our Discord server and be online 15 minutes before the listed start time; any and all admin by the tournament organisers will be arranged through the relevant channels on our server.