SFV Qualifiers go OFFLINE

Yes, you read that title correctly, we will be having offline qualifiers as well as our already existing SFV online league!

After 2 weeks worth of our SFV League being online, we have heard the community’s concerns and respect the desire for future SFV Scottish Esports League events to be held offline. So, that is what we have done! We identified FGC groups and events, in the community, and offline qualifiers have been created. Reset Aberdeen’s Crush Counter, Turbo Tuesdays in Kirkcaldy and Burn To Fight held by Glasgow’s Maximum Impact Gaming are all hosting events which will give SEL qualifier points towards the SFV finals in October.

We see this as an opportunity to benefit all parties involved as it can bring more exposure to Esports Scotland; it can also expose these local FGC groups to people around the world that don’t know these events are running; and most importantly it can bring people together, the chance to meet new people with the same interests and bond over some fun and intense gaming sessions.

Obviously these offline events will be optimal for a competitive environment; offline events will remove any online latency and input delay meaning that you can react to opponents moves almost perfectly.

I had a couple of questions for the organisers of the events in hopes to give you guys more information:

I see this as an opportunity to benefit all parties, how do you feel bringing these qualifiers to your events can help your scene? What positives do you see coming from this?

Robert (Turbo Tuesdays): The positives include being able to reach a wider audience, letting people know who/where we are and to showcase the local talent we’ve got here!

Stewart (Reset Aberdeen): Bringing everything together is a massive boost for all parties. It puts more eyes on the SEL as a whole through already established FGC groups as well as bringing the local groups to the attention of people that may be interested in SFV but may not have heard of them. The cross promotion is nothing but a win for everybody!

John (BTF Glasgow): Hopefully this league means that there will be more entrants and more competition for everyone.

How do you feel SFV qualifiers will work better offline?

Robert: SFV is a brilliant game, but playing fighting games online has always been a less than perfect experience. With offline events players come as close as possible to the arcade experience of the 90’s. It’s also a great way to meet new players and learn new tech.

Stewart: Historically, the street fighter tournament scene has been held offline. It’s a series with heavy emphasis on combos which require low latency to perform and the experience is always 100% better offline.

John: Fighting games in general are better offline, mostly because of the lack of lag but also because it builds relationships between the people that you meet up with.

How are you going to be running these qualifiers?

Robert: We’ll be hosting a series of monthly tournaments focusing solely on SFV. Players will be able to register their interest online and simply turn up on the day and play some games! We supply multiple consoles so that we can accommodate simultaneous games, so we minimise the downtime between matches. This ensures players are always kept engaged and ideally, not left too long without anything to do.

Stewart: As a part of our already established events, we will be running these tournaments as we normally would on a monthly basis but now with the added bonus of being a part of a bigger picture with SEL points up for grabs! Crush will be run in a double elimination format, best two out of 3 and streamed on twitch. Entry will be £6 with £4 going to the prize pot and £2 being used by Reset Aberdeen to purchase and maintain the equipment we use to run the events.

John: I will be running them as a double elimination tournament.

Are people going to be able to come along to these events and watch these events?

Robert: Certainly! We always encourage people to come along and see what we do! Depending on time constraints we often have casual games before and after a tournament so that even if someone comes along that doesn’t want to enter the tournament, they can still join in fun!

Stewart: Absolutely! Crush Counter is held in a public gaming cafe and there is no entry fee for people that want to come along and spectate.

John: There is a little bit of space for people to watch the tournaments in house.

You can find more information about the events themselves on their Facebook pages, Turbo Tuesdays, Burn To Fight Glasgow, Reset Aberdeen.

So, get yourselves along to these events if you are looking to qualify for SEL finals in October!