Bethesdas Knockout E3 Presentation

I personally can’t say I’ve checked out an E3 stream before and found myself in the crowd watching a terrifying rock band on stage playing music with a video game played on a screen above them. Perhaps it’s been done before but I can’t imagine on this calibre. Bethesda announced Rage 2 earlier this year and decided to bring along Andrew W.K. to play Ready to Die to capture the feeling of Rage 2. With a gameplay showcase to back up the music, I can definitely see why Andrew W.K. was chosen to provide the soundtrack. Explosive carnage with solid, beefy gunplay we can recognise stemming from the recent Doom (2016) game and abilities seamlessly merged in between the gunshots and blood-splatters of raiders. Rage 2 is definitely on my watchlist this year.

Elder Scrolls Online was up next, announcing upcoming DLC’s and story content. Wofhunter and Murkmire DLC was announced along with a heartfelt speech from the games┬ádirector, Matt Firor. Fans of ESO won’t be starved for content this year it seems.

Doom Eternal caught me by surprise the most. A sequel to the awesome Doom (2016) was teased with a short trailer and a quick word from the game director, Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin, the creative director. They let slip very little but it’s enough to keep the Doom conspiracies rolling in. With twice as many enemy demon types mentioned and “hell on earth” teased, keep an eye out for stretched out 10 minute videos on YouTube guessing at what might be in store for Doom Eternal. More is stated to be shown at Quakecon later this year in August, so until then I’ll continue listening to the Doom soundtrack to keep my hyped up till then.

Quake Champions. You probably never played the original, it’s pretty old now. It was the original esports game for the FPS genre. Counter Strike was still a dream at that point. Quake was the original “1v1 me” game on PC for settling friendly rivalries and it has been a popular, if niche, game for many. Joshua Boyle, the community manager, announced the newest Quake title along with claims for support for all esports leagues, from grassroots to major league tournaments such as those held at Quakecon and Dreamhack Winter. A trailer followed the speech and what Quake Champions seems to be aiming for is almost reminiscent of a hero shooter. We’ll have to keep an eye on this one as it may just knock Overwatch out of the lead hero shooter for PC spot. Free to play until the 17th so get it while you can.

Prey (2017) was next on the list with a surprise announcement. A free content update to thank the loyal fans of the game. Three new modes were added. Story Mode, New Game+ and Survival Mode. A new DLC was announced alongside the content update: Prey Mooncrash. An infinitely replayable mode on the moon with randomised loot, enemies and environmental hazards is available now. It’s always good to see the developers notice the loyal fans and provide content for them, hopefully other developers can take notice and support similar strategies for keeping a happy consumer base.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is getting released on the Nintendo Switch in case you didn’t like playing it indoors. A more interesting announcement was Wolfenstein Youngblood. A continuation of the story following B.J. Blazkowicz’ twin daughters in 1980’s Paris. A coop experience set to release in 2019 and accompanied only by a short teaser trailer.

VR was a talking point during the presentation as well, for anyone who owns a headset. Wolfenstein Cyberpilot and Prey Typhon Hunter are slated to be VR compatible. Playable at the E3 booth for anyone who’s there.

Finally, we came to the big event. Fallout 76. It’s got everything: coop multiplayer, player-controlled nuclear missiles and a vastly improved settlement building system. There’s way too much to type out without boring you so I highly encourage you to watch the announcement. Fallout Shelter was announced to launch on PS4 and the Switch too. Personally, I’m concerned with the lack of original games being released on the Switch. Maybe an Elder Scrolls game unique to the Switch that utilises the Joycons may actually improve sales and turn a few heads.

Well we didn’t get an Elder Scrolls game announced for the switch but we did get one announced for… mobile phone?! Yup, Elder Scrolls Blades was announced, showcasing a game that has console level graphics and procedurally generated dungeons, full character customisation and (for some reason) allowing the game to be played in both landscape and portrait mode. With PvP, an open world and a town-building element as well, this is probably going to be the best mobile phone game released to date (sorry Clash of Clans). To top it all off, it’s free and coming to as many platforms as Bethesda can.

Bethesdas first original IP in 25 years was announced as well. Starfield. What do we know about it? Errr… something to do with space. That’s it. Keep an eye on Reddit for maybe-real-maybe-not leaks in the near future if you want more info on that one. It’s a mystery but I’m certainly curious.

To end the entire press conference off, Todd Howard personally told the world that they are working on The Elder Scrolls 6. Looks like they got fed up of porting Skyrim to every platform imaginable. What do we know about ES6? About as little or even less that Starfield. Is it set in Skyrim? That’s anyones guess at this point but one thing we do know is that it’s being worked on as we speak.

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