BIG Fest 2018 Live Music Announcement

Continuing on with our updates for BIG Fest 2018, we’re happy to announce two artists who will be providing live music during our event.

Our first artist is Krash Slaughta. A renowned scratch DJ who appeared way back in the 1998 DMC UK Finals. You can listen to that particular tune below!

Check out his Facebook page to learn more.

Our next artist is Bigg Taj. At the forefront of Asian Hip Hop in the UK and born in Glasgow, Bigg Taj’s music is unique and enjoyable. He’s also known well for his beatboxing, for which he’s appeared in numerous championships including the UK Beatbox Championships, and his music has appeared on BBC Radio stations. His hip hop music combines bhangra, hip hop and reggae with an electronic music twist to provide truly unique and fantastic music with powerful lyrics. Below is an example of his hip hop music, featured on his Superstar Sardar EP.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on BIG Fest 2018 and don’t forget to grab tickets now before they’re sold out!

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