Rainbow Six: Reverse Friendly Fire

In an attempt to reduce and combat toxicity within their game, Ubisoft will “activate” Reverse Friendly Fire (RFF) on the Test Server.

In their Dev Blog, they say; 

The goal of this system is to contain the impact of players abusing the friendly fire mechanic, while maintaining a degree of flexibility for accidents.

Along with the suggestion that they will look at feedback and data from ranked and casual games within the test server before making the feature live.

When a player commits friendly fire, through shooting teammates/ hostage or damaging them with unique gadgets, they will see a warning message show up

What will happen to the offenders? If a player has had a team kill validated, any further damage towards teammates or the hostage will then be reflected back to the offender. If a unique gadget is used to deal damage, the reflected damage will impact the gadget.


All players in the match will be notified that the RFF feature has been activated for the offender through the feed.

What is a validated team kill? Well, whilst watching their kill cam, the player who has been team killed will have the chance to determine and ‘vote’ that the team kill was intentional or not. If they say that the kill was intentional then the Reverse Friendly Fire would continue to be active. If they confirm that the team kill was not intentional then RFF would be deactivated. However, if the ‘victim’ fails to vote, RFF will be activated by default.

After a team kill is validated, it will continue to be active for the remainder of the match, as opposed to the player being removed from the game

They say they will continue to address toxicity, as well as monitor this latest feature.

Like many others, I welcome this change and can’t wait to see how it progresses within the game in order to reduce the toxicity.

You can check out the dev blog here.