Google Stadia Game Streaming Service Announced

Google has announced Stadia, a game streaming service, at today’s GDC event in San Francisco.

Stadia will allow gamers to play the latest releases in 4K resolution from “any screen”, including laptops, mobile devices and televisions.

Games will be run remotely in a Google data centre; the player does not need a high-end computer, console or set-top box; they only need to be able to connect to the game session.

The conference included gameplay from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and a segment from DOOM developer id Software, a subsidiary of ZeniMax. A more detailed line-up of games available on the service is not yet known, but Google said over 100 studios already have development tools.

Google has produced a WiFi controller which connect directly to the data centre as well as an HDMI dongle which allows users to connect to the service using a TV or computer monitor.

Google aims to integrate the service with YouTube by making it easy to stream games and record videos from Stadia. They also discussed plans to give content creators more tools to allow them to better engage with their audience.

Pricing details are not known, but Google confirmed that the service will be available later this year with an initial rollout in Canada, the US, the UK and parts of mainland Europe.