Rainbow Six Siege: Beginner and Pro level tips

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Recently I have found myself becoming more, and more engrossed in Rainbow Six Siege and I’m now always looking to improve at the game. I don’t consider myself to be a beginner now, however, I am definitely not anywhere near pro level. With the introduction of Rainbow Six Siege at SEL I thought I’d bring over some of the tips and guides that I used and looked at to improve my game.

First off I looked at this ‘Best operators for beginners’ guide from gamesradar, which can be found here. This list not only gives what they believe are the best operators for beginners in the game, it tells you a little bit about the operator, their gadgets, and what situations they can be best in. I found this particularly useful for properly starting off, and found myself sticking to tips that they mention for Kapkan, Rook, and Twitch. They may seem like obvious tips however they can certainly be important if executed right.

As I looked to improve I started to look at the professionals, and how they play. I read an article from Red Bull (found here) where they spoke to players ‘NoThumbs’ and ‘Premixr’. Both players offered some advice that they believe is needed to play at a high level. They have advice such as being able to adapt to the opposite team, knowing your playstyle, communication and team play as well as practising to build team chemistry. Be sure to check out Red Bull’s article to get those tips in full detail!

In Siege, I have understood that map knowledge is absolutely crucial. Being able to fully understand what is above/ below you can be essential when expecting an attacking push etc. Recently, I have started to put myself into private custom games to explore maps, figuring out what is destructible, looking for useful sightlines and so on. I’ve also been using R6Maps, this gives you every detail on the map, on all floors, which is something I found extremely useful.

Let me know what you guys found/ find useful when improving, and be sure to look at using some of these tips in SEL to gain the advantage over your opponents!