LoL: LEC Power Rankings – Week Three

Even at this early point in the season, teams are starting to seperate into groups and we have a real idea of who has a chance of reaching the later stages. Read below to find out the best and worst teams from week 3 of the LEC.

10. Rogue: 0-6 (=)

Rogue continues to suffer from a lack of leadership and discipline. While their game against Vitality was the team’s most impressive performance of the season so far, they often over-committed by putting too much focus on one area of the map. This allowed their opposition to push lanes freely and take objectives to gain a financial advantage. Ultimately, this is what helped Vitality secure the victory. The team is showing signs of improvement but has a long way to go.
Player of the week: Kikis (Jungle)

9. Fnatic: 1-5 (=)

Fnatic beat Rogue to win their first game of the season this week. They left Rekkles to kill minions for much of the game, giving him the strength needed to have a huge impact in later fights. Despite this, Fnatic wasn’t impressive. They struggled to control the map and gave Rogue too many opportunities to mount a comeback. Their other game was a thrashing at the hands of Misfits, so despite their first win, it’s more of the same from Fnatic.
Player of the week: Rekkles (Bottom)

8. SK Gaming: 2-4 (↓ 1)

Many teams are starting to settle into their game, adjust and climb the league; SK isn’t one of them. Instead, they are stagnant and find themselves dropping below hungrier foes. SK lost both their games this week in unspectacular fashion, but the performances of young jungler Selfmade were noteworthy. He has been a consistently impactful ganker, but he needs to translate his early game prowess into late game domination.
Player of the week: Selfmade (Jungle)

7. Origen: 2-4 (↓ 1)

Origen is starting to come together as a team, but there are still concerns regarding their consistency. Mithy, in particular, has struggled to recapture the high level of performance which made him so sought-after in his previous spell with the club. The Spaniard shows moments of brilliance with some key performances in his team’s victories but has equally been a liability in their losses. Even so, he was essential to beating SK; his roam to mid-lane set up a triple kill for Patrik. That moment was pivotal for Origen as it allowed Patrik to clean up in later fights.
Player of the week: Mithy (Support)

6. Excel Esports: 2-4 (↑ 2)

As is becoming the trend, Excel displayed a heavy reliance on jungler Caedrel again this week. He currently boasts a 100% kill participation rate in kills before the 15-minute mark. Sounds impressive, but it also means that his teammates are struggling to pick up solo kills in lane. If Excel hopes to win, they need Caedrel to play well. There is no Plan B, but fortunately, Plan A is working well. A major upset victory against Misfits shows that even the best teams don’t have an answer to the British jungler’s aggression when he’s on top form.
Player of the week: Caedrel (Jungle)

5. Splyce: 3-3 (=)

Splyce start and finish games strongly but haven’t got to grips with the middle bit yet. They were able to go toe-to-toe with G2 and Schalke in the early game but, when teams started to group up, it fell apart. Against Schalke, poor vision control from Splyce allowed their opponents to steal a dragon and gave them the advantage. Against G2, it was poor mid-game decision making. Splyce fought bravely in the later stages but couldn’t turn it around either time.
Player of the week: Xerxe (Jungle)

4. FC Schalke 04 Esports: 5-1 (=)

Schalke are like an unstoppable behemoth, rarely making mistakes with their slow and careful approach. However, they lack the flair and creativity required to be one of the very best teams in the league. There is an unpredictable nature to Vitality and Misfits playstyle which Schalke lack and this puts Schalke at a disadvantage when compared to similarly skilled teams.
Player of the week: Memento (Jungle)

3. Misfits Gaming: 4-2 (↓ 1)

Another underperformance from Misfits this week saw them upset by Excel. Misfits rely on their bottom duo to succeed to win, but while Hans Sama has been solid, Gorilla has not. This is understandable considering the language barrier, but there needs to be an improvement if Misfits hope to challenge G2 for the title. Their thrashing of Fnatic proved what this team is capable of when they’re clicking, but a lack of consistency sees Misfits drop down the table.
Player of the week: sOAZ (Top)

2. Team Vitality: 5-1 (↑ 1)

By choosing to keep most of their team together, Vitality has retained the explosive identity they had in their successful 2018 season. The team’s resourcefulness and quick-thinking was on full display in the last moments of their game against Rogue. While Vitality’s base was under siege, Jiizuke tried to backdoor which forced Rogue to deal with him. Vitality was able to push Rogue into splitting up which provided the opening they needed to launch a counter-attack and win the game. It served as an excellent example of the lateral thinking required to be a top team.
Player of the week: Cabochard (Top)

1. G2 Esports (=)

Another flawless week from G2 who didn’t come close to losing either of their games. Usual hero Caps wasn’t as his best, but standout performances from new boy Mikyx and unsung hero Jankos led the team to success. Great play from all members of this team highlight their more impressive feature, G2 has no weakness. Their strength will be tested next week, however, when they face an in-form Vitality in what should be their toughest challenge of the season so far.
Player of the week: Mikyx (Support)