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Know your way around OBS, have a decent internet connection and want to help further the broadcasting of Esports in Scotland?

We’re looking for dedicated individuals to join our streaming team – we have 10 games played across 5 weeks, many of which we look to broadcast on our Twitch channel by means of a 2-stage system. We have a raw stream that has just game footage with casters, and then a re-broadcasted stream that then goes out onto our main channel with our graphical assets applied.

Stream coordinators manage the latter, however they are also responsible for making the streams as smooth as possible, that the casters are fully briefed and comfortable, and we get a good show at the end of it. This position, like every position at our organisation, is voluntary and will be part time with a focus on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

We have a schedule that we share amongst our current team, so we are plenty flexible to swap things in and out – it’s all about communication. In the end, we as the streaming team are responsible for making Esports Scotland look the best it can possibly be, and we’re always working to try and improve our assets and practises to continually push that boundary.

If you’re interested in what you’ve just read, we’d love to hear from you.

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