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Platform - PC

Format - Single Elimination

Entry Requirements - All players must have an EsportsScotland account. Players must be above 13 years in age. All players must be resident in the United Kingdom or Ireland.

For those who are new and looking for a quick breakdown for joining SEL, here's a quick guide to get started.


To play in the league, you will need:

  1. An Esports Scotland account
  2. An ESS player/team account - User guide here - https://esportsscotland.co.uk/creating-an-ess-player-team-profile/
  3. To be on the Esports Scotland discord

Discord link is here - https://discord.gg/pPpEQJU

Please include your Discord account and ESS Player account details on your profile page.


Tournaments will take place on:

  • April 11th, 7pm
  • May 15th, 7pm
  • June 20th, 7pm
  • July 25th, 7pm
  • August 29th, 7pm

If anyone has any questions, please message @dbarrett on the website, or GimbleB#5298 on Discord.

  • Week 1, 11th April, 7pm
  • Week 2, 16th May, 7pm
  • Week 3, 20th June, 7pm
  • Week 4, 25th July, 7pm
  • Week 5, 29th August, 7pm

Ranking Points;

1 entrant – 10 points

2 entrants – 25 points (20,5)

3-4 entrants – 50 points (30,15,5) + you get 10 points)

5-8 entrants – 100 points (50.30,15,5) + you get 10 points)

9-16 entrants – 200 points (100,50,30,10,5,5) + you get 10 points)

17-32 entrants – 500 points (200,120,60,30,15,15,5,5) + you get 20 points)

1 1v1 Format

1.1. Rivals of Aether will be run in a 1 versus 1 player format.

1.2. Players may not have another person stand in for them during a match.

1.3. Players are responsible for being in lobby at least 2 minutes before match start.

1.4. If a player is not in lobby within 5 minutes after the set match start then they will lose by default and the win will go to the opposing team.

1.5. Players must have a name and logo that is agreed upon by Esports Scotland management and may not contain any offensive words or pictures (“offensive” to be determined by Esports Scotland management) and may not be too similar to any Pro teams.

1.6. As matches will be played on Steam (PC) you will be required to have a Gamertag that is not offensive and your Steam account must be in good standing.

1.7. All participants must be at least 13 years old to enter The Rivals of Aether SEL online League.

1.8. All players must report match results to Esports Scotland management, any disputes about results will be settled by Esports Scotland management and those decisions are final.

2 Match format

2.1. If there is 32 or more players, they will be split into 2 brackets, the winner of each bracket will face each other in the Final. All sets will be a best of 3, with a best of 5 grand finals.

2.2. All base characters, Ori, Ranno and Clairen are legal. DLC characters will depend on launch timings of characters.

2.3. The first game stage will be picked using the 1-1-1-1 stage striking system. This means player #1 bans 1 stage, player #2 bans 1 stage, player #1 bans 1 stage again and then player #2 bans 1 more stage. The ban order will be decided automatically using the in game settings.

2.4. After the first game, the winner bans 2 stages and the loser picks from the remaining stages.

2.5. The 1st game is double blind pick. After a match you can switch characters, but the winner has to announce their character first so that the loser can counterpick their character.

2.6. Custom skins are banned. Default and DLC character skins only.

2.7. The host will be one of the players who will be responsible for setting up the room to the correct settings.

2.8. If one of the players disconnect (dc) within the first stock, both players have to play the next match with the same character on the same stage.

2.8.1. If a player disconnects after the first stock, they forfeit the match.

2.8.2. If a player disconnects twice during a set at any point, they forfeit the set.

2.8.3. If a player disconnects, players should immediately stop playing, with the disconnect being reported to both management. A screenshot of the disconnected player must be provided by the player in each instance.

2.9. Any disputes will be settled by Esports Scotland management and all decisions are final.

3  Game lobby and set up

3.1. Esports Scotland management will determine a host for a game should players not be able decide between themselves.

3.2. Esports Scotland management may request replays from players for both admin and streaming purposes.

3.3. Any cheating will be punished by the entire team being disqualified. “Cheating” includes but is not limited to using in game exploits or bugs to gain an advantage. Wavedashing is not cheating.

3.4. Players must not engage in “soft play”. Soft play is defined as players communicating with each other to pre determine the match results. This will result in both players being disqualified.

3.5. Matches will be streamed on www.twitch.com/esportsscotland by Esports Scotland management.

3.6. If any players wish to stream the matches then they must ask permission from Esports Scotland management and there streaming account must be in good standing.

3.7. All decisions by Esports Scotland management are final.

4 Prizes

4.1. Prizes to be determined.

4.2. Esports Scotland reserves the right to change or withdraw the prizes at any time.

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Tournament Manager

David Barrett

sco Scotland

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Winner Bracket

Loser Bracket

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
May 16, 2018
StayNe 0-2 Jezo
May 16, 2018
Jezo 2-0 Yung Muiry
Yung Muiry

Final Bracket

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
May 16, 2018
CoLaw 3-0 Jezo
May 16, 2018
Jipflip 0-3 Jezo

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