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Platform - Xbox One

Format - Single Elimination

Teams - Maximum of 10 Minimal of 5

Entry Requirements - All players must have an EsportsScotland account, and appear only on one team roster. Players must be above 18 years in age.

For those who are new and looking for a quick breakdown for joining SEL, here's a quick guide to get started. Accounts To play in the league, you will need:
  1. An Esports Scotland User account
  2. An ESS player/team account - User guide here -
  3. To be on the Esports Scotland discord
Discord link is here - https://discord.gg/pPpEQJU Please include your Discord account and ESS Player/team account details on your profile page. Team Rules Teams can be between 5-10 players and will locked in for the season. You may not add anyone to your roster after the season starts. During a tournament, up to 7 players can participate in the tournament (team of 5, 2 subs). 5 players must take part throughout each tournament set. Substitutions must happen between sets. Full rules here (please read through them) - https://esportsscotland.co.uk/sel/
  • Week 1, 26th April, 7pm
  • Week 2, 31st May, 7pm
  • Week 3, 5th July, 7pm
  • Week 4, 9th August, 7pm
  • Week 5, 13th September, 7pm

Prizes for SEL Rainbow Six Siege Overall League Winner

Official Rainbow Six Siege merchandise and in-game credits (amount tbc)

Ranking Points;

1 entrant – 10 points

2 entrants – 25 points (20,5)

3-4 entrants – 50 points (30,10,5,5) + each team gets 10 points)

5-8 entrants – 100 points (50.30,10,10) + each team gets 10 points)

8-16 entrants – 200 points (100,50,25,25) + each team gets 10 points)

17-32 entrants – 500 points (250,120,40,40) + each team gets 20 points)

32-64 entrants - 1000 points (500,250,125,125) + each team gets 20 points)

  1. Teams & team management

1.1. Teams are made up of a minimum 5 players.

1.2. Teams may have up to 10 players registered.

1.3. Substitutes may be made at the end of each game with a maximum of 2 substitutions per match.

1.4.Teams must nominate a captain who is responsible for whole team being in lobby at least 20 minutes before match start.

1.5. If a team can not produce 5 members for 10 minutes before match start then they will lose by default and the win will go to the opposing team.

1.6. Teams must have a name and logo that is agreed upon by Esports Scotland management and may not contain any offensive words or pictures (“offensive” to be determined by Esports Scotland management) and may not be too similar to any Pro teams.

1.7. As matches will be played on Xbox One you will be required to have a Xbox Live ID that is not offensive and your account must be in good standing

1.8. All participants must be at least 18 years old to enter SEL Season 1 Rainbow Six Siege.

1.9. All team captains must report match results to Esports Scotland management, any disputes about results will be settled by Esports Scotland management and those decisions are final.

  1. Match Format

2.1. Match Procedure

Matches will be the best out of one. One map will be chosen at random as will which teams will start in attacker/defender positions.

2.2. Map Pool

The map pool for the tournament will be reduced to the following:

2.2.1. Bank

2.2.2. Chalet

2.3. Match Settings

2.3.1. Number of rounds: 8

2.3.2. Attacked/Defender role swap: 1

2.3.3. Overtime: 1 round

2.3.4. Objective Rotation Parameter: 1

2.3.5. Attacked Unique Spawn: On

2.3.6. Damage Handicap: 100

2.3.7. Friendly fire damage: 100

2.3.8. Injured: 20

2.3.9. Sprint: On

2.3.10. Lean: On

2.3.11. Death Replay: Off

2.4. Game mode: Team Deathmatch Bomb

2.4.1. Plant duration: 7

2.4.2. Defuse duration: 7

2.4.3. Fuse time: 45

2.4.4. Preparation: 45

2.4.5. Action: 180

2.5. Operators

All Operators are allowed unless a tournament administrator explicitly forbids an operator for a play day. Information about changes will be sent to teams at least 1 hour before the match.

2.6. Scoring

Possible results of the match: 2-0, 2-1, 1-2, 0-2

2.7. Glitch/Bug Re-hosts due to Operators

In case of technical or game specific issues the players are able to request directly with the administrator. Teams are allowed to request 3 rehosts per playday, those requested need to have specific reasons approved my Admins. Requests for a rehost without reason will be denied. Once a rehost has been confirmed by the admin, teams will choose the same Operators, Gadgets and pick the same bomb site. Abusing this rule can lead to penalty points/verbal warning.

2.8. Continuing a Disrupted Game

If a match is interrupted (e.g. Server crash) then the match should be continued where it left off, by re-host. All fully completed rounds before the crash count towards the final score of the match. The players can choose different loadouts and operators, but have to select the same bomb site and starting site as before. In the following rounds the bomb sites that have already been used before the restart cannot be used again.

2.9. Dropping of Players

If a player drops within the first 15 seconds of a round (during the prep phase), the game may be rehosted. If the game will be rehosted the match starts with the score from before the disconnect.

If a player disconnects after the first 15 seconds of a round, the round will be played until the end. After the match will be paused.

If a player has not returned or cannot be replaced within 10 minutes after the pause has started, then the team with the dropped player may forfeit the match.

  1. Prizes

3.1. Overall SEL Season 1 Rainbow Six Siege winners will receive official Rainbow Six Siege merchandise and in-game credits.

3.1.1. Amount of in-game credits to be determined.

3.2. Esports Scotland reserves the right to change or withdraw the prizes at any time.

4.3 The captain of the winning team is responsible for the distribution of prizes amongst team members

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Charlie Cannell

sco Scotland

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