OESC Rules

1. Teams
2. Match Format
3. Game Lobby Set-up
4. Prizes
5. Acceptable Behaviour

1.1. Teams are made up of a minimum 6 players.

1.2. Teams may have up to 12 players registered to facilitate substitutions.

1.3. Substitutes may be made at the end of each game with a maximum of 3 substitutions per match.

1.4. Teams must nominate a captain who is responsible for registering their team on the website and for the whole team being in lobby at least 20 minutes before match start.

1.5. If a team cannot produce 6 members for 20 minutes before match start then they will lose by default and the win will go to the opposing team.

1.5.1. Teams have 10 minutes of break per team, available per game. If a team is not completely readied up by this time, they will default the game and the 10 minutes will be reset for the next.

1.6. Teams must have a name and logo that is agreed upon by Esports Scotland management and may not contain any offensive words or pictures (“offensive” to be determined by Esports Scotland management) and may not be too similar to any Pro teams.

1.7. As matches will be played on Xbox you will be required to have a Gamertag that is not offensive and your XBL account must be in good standing

1.8. All participants must be at least 13 years old to enter Overwatch Esports Scotland Cup.

1.9. All team captains must report match results to Esports Scotland management, any disputes about results will be settled by Esports Scotland management and those decisions are final.

1.9.1. No team member should pause the game without obvious reason, such as a player disconnecting. Esports Scotland Management will pause the game immediately if requested in team chat with a sufficient reason being given, before or after the pause.
A total of 10 minutes pause time is allowed per team
OESC Management may also be required to pause the game, in which case any pause time is not counted towards the teams time.

1.9.2. If a player disconnects, the team is allowed to continue the match at a disadvantage. Disconnects and lag issues will only be re-hosted if the issues occur within the first minute of the game.

1.9.3. Teams have the option to forfeit a match, with a default win given to the opposing team

2.1. A total of 16 teams can take part in each of the four tournament days, all slots will be open for registration and will be based on a first come first serve basis. The online portion of the league will be single elimination and best of 1.

2.1.1. The 4 winning teams from the online portion of the cup will be invited to the live event in October, matches will be single elimination and best of 3.

2.2. A random number generator will be used to decide which game type from those listed below, will be played during the single elimination online stages of the Cup.

2.3. Game 1 will be Assault. Assault is a game mode in which the attacking and defending teams must attempt to attack or defend capture points across the map. Both teams battle over control of the map, one team on attack and one team on offense
Maps for this mode are
Horizon Lunar Colony

2.4. Game 2 will be Escort. Escort is a game mode where one team must attempt to deliver a payload to a preset destination while the defending team try to stop the payload.
Maps for this mode are

2.5. Game 3 will be Control. In Control teams must attempt to gain control of an objective and hold it until the time is complete. In Control maps there is 3 “mini” rounds each with there own objective and it is best of 3.
Maps for this mode are

2.6. Game 4 will be Hybrid, In Hybrid the attacking team must first gain control of a payload before escorting it to the destination.
Maps for this mode are
Blizzard World

2.7. If a fifth “tiebreaker” match is needed during the live finals then it will be on Control. Unlike game 3 the winner will be the first team to capture the first control point making it a “Golden goal” type game.

2.7. All settings will be standard Competitive rules unless otherwise stated. This means each team will have the opportunity to attack and defend.

2.9. Any disputes will be settled by OESC management and all decisions are final.

3.1. Esports Scotland management will create a private game and send invites to the team captains who must assemble their teams 20 minutes before match start.

3.2. Esports Scotland management will use spectate mode to monitor the game.

3.3. Any cheating will be punished by the entire team being disqualified. “Cheating” includes but is not limited to using in game exploits or bugs to gain an advantage.

3.4. Teams must not engage in “soft play”. Soft play is defined as teams or team members communicating with the opposing team to pre determine the match results. This will result in both teams being disqualified.

3.5. All matches will be streamed on www.twitch.com/esportsscotland by Esports Scotland management, no other streaming of the OESC is allowed..

3.6. All decisions by Esports Scotland management are final.

4.1. Prizes tbc

4.2. Esports Scotland reserves the right to change or withdraw the prizes at any time.

4.3. The captain of the winning team is responsible for the distribution of prizes amongst team members

Any abusive or bullying behaviours towards teammates, opponents or Esports Scotland management will not be tolerated and will result in entire team being disqualified. This includes behaviour before, during or after a match and is not limited only to OESC channels and can include communication over facebook, twitter or any other social media channels.

OESC Date of Tournament Start Time Tournament Manager
Overwatch  Sat 4th August 2pm
Craig McNeill
Overwatch Sun 5th August 3pm
Craig McNeill
Overwatch Sat 11th August 3pm
Craig McNeill
Overwatch Sun 12th August 3pm
Craig McNeill
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