Overwatch Esports Scotland Cup

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You must have a user account on Esports Scotland, as must each of the players on your team roster.

We have asked for the bare minimum Team Profile requirements in this application form, you can add more players to your roster at a later date.

Encourage your team mates to register on the ESS website to help speed up your application process.

A total of 16 teams can take part in each of the four tournament days, all slots will be open for registration and will be based on a first come first serve basis.

The online portion of the league will be single elimination and best of 1.

This event is open to residents inside the UK, and is on Xbox One only.

The 4 winning teams from the online portion of the cup will be invited to the live event in October, matches will be single elimination and best of 3.

You and your team must read, and understand, the full rules for the OESC - they can be found here.

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