The Cups Before Christmas: Schedule and Prizes

Ho, ho, ho, the Cups Before Christmas are underway!

If you want to get involved, it’s not too late to sign up. For your chance to win, head over to our Smash.GG page and register to play.

What’s more, Esports Scotland has partnered with GT Omega Racing to provide some awesome prizes for our tournament winners. Check out the full of events and prizes below.

If you’d rather watch the action, follow us on Twitter to see when we go live. You can also join our discord, the #cups-before-christmas channel contains all the latest updates and discussion of the events.

Schedule & Prizes

  • December 14th – (PC) Battlerite Online Cup
    • Winner: 3 GT Omega Mousepads
  • December 16th – (PC/PS4) Rocket League 2v2 Online Cup
    • Winner: 2 GT Omega Backpacks
  • December 17th – (PC) Battlerite Royale Online Cup
    • Winner: 2 GT Omega Backpacks
  • December 18th – (XB1) Killer Instinct Kirkcaldy Cup
    • Winner: GT Omega Backpack
  • December 19th – (PC) Prismata Online Cup
    • Winner GT Omega Mousepad
  • December 20th – (PC/XB1) Forza Motorsport 7 Online Cup
    • Winner: GT Omega Pro Series Chair
  • December 22nd – (PC) Overwatch Online Community Cup
    • Winner: 6 GT Omega Mousepads
  • December 23rd – (PC) Project Cars 2 Online Cup Final
    • Winner: GT Omega Pro Series Chair
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