Overwatch Gets Its Most Anticipated Update Since Mercy Got Nerfed

Last night the PTR got its newest patch update and with it comes a few important changes for Doomfist, Orisa and, the most anticipated since her last rework, Symmetra.

Symmetra has always been a controversial pick with some stating that anyone who picks Symmetra, under any circumstances, is throwing the game. Now, Symmetra has moved forward from being a purely defensive character by design (despite what some Symmetra one-tricks might say) to becoming a very viable offense pick.

Gone is her shield generator and teleporter as an ultimate and now there is a 5,000 hp shield which can be cast and it has infinite range, effectively creating a huge wall that only allies can shoot through. Symmetra can now create her own choke points for her team to sit behind for 15 whole seconds.

Her teleporter is no longer an ultimate ability and is now a cooldown ability. She can place a teleporter up to 25 metres away from herself with the entrance at her feet. This ability is on a 10 second cooldown with the teleporter itself having slightly lower health at 300 hp. The most interesting aspect of this is that it now has the ability to teleport D.VA ultimates and Junkrat tyres. Another change of the teleporter is that to pass through you have to activate it with the binding currently for “Understood” (F by default on PC).

Her turrets are now projectiles, thrown across the map to land on walls behind unsuspecting victims. They also have slightly more health (up to 30 hp instead of 1 hp), meaning slightly more thought has to go into destroying them. Damage has also been increased and the slow effect they generate onto targets has been increased. Only 3 may be deployed at a time with 3 being held in the ability pool.

The biggest and most anticipated change has been her weapon. Primary fire no longer locks onto enemies and instead acts similarly to Zarya’s primary fire. Her range has been increased to 10 metres and her damage has been increased. Her weapon still has 3 stages of damage that ramps up after 2 seconds of constant fire. Previously her damage per second for each stage of her weapon was 30/60/120 dps and has now been increased to 60/120/180 dps. An interesting change to note is that when firing the primary fire and it connects with a barrier, it will generate ammo instead of expending it.

Her secondary fire has been changed as well. Instead of penetrating shields, it instead explodes on contact, dealing splash damage to anyone on the same side of the shield as the explosion. The charge rate has been radically increased along with flight speed and now deal 60 impact damage and 60 explosive damage.

So what has changed with Symmetra? Well, everything. She’s even been declassified as a support now, placed into the new Damage category for the hero select screen (pictured below). For now, it’s a matter of playtesting the new changes and giving Blizzard the feedback they need to make sure the rework comes out in a state that the community won’t completely lose their minds.

More changes are currently on the PTR and there’s plenty to cover.

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