Operation Para Bellum – Release Patch Notes

With Operation Para Bellum going live today, I’m going to take a look at both the original patch notes and the patch notes addendum that they released after TTS servers were closed.

Original patch notes:

The main changes we’ll see with Operation Para Bellum are the addition of the new map and 2 new operators.


The villa was specifically designed to offer a competitive showdown. It sets the stage for diverse gameplay, providing wide staircases, narrow tunnels, and secret hatches. Don’t let the lush décor fool you, the villa is deadly: some of its floors are destructible and can fully expose you.”

Villa comes as Siege’s 20th map and the team seem confident that this is the most tactical map to date in the game. The map was made to go ranked and pro straight away says Level Designer, Jeremy Dowsett. Villa is a beautiful map that has been described as the “kind of place you’d want to go on vacation”. While gorgeous, the map offers pure chaos and destruction. There has been a focus on the navigation, flow and viability of the bomb sites.


Picking Alibi is an invitation for a battle of wits with your opponents. This Defender is all about finding clever ways to force the Attackers’ hands. Any hesitation comes at a heavy price.

Alibi boasts the Prisma as her gadget. This is a holographic projector that spawns a decoy of Alibi herself. Alibi can deploy 3 Prisma’s, and if used properly can prove to be a real pain to enemy teams, as you can see in the detailed video below.

You’d ideally want to place a Prisma in a place where your enemies cannot identify straight away that she is only a decoy such as peeking behind cover or in places with short lines of sight to provoke instinct shots. You also want to place them in places that may guarantee shots fired at the Prisma, this can provide huge intel for your team. If an attacker shoots a decoy they are tagged and their positions are revealed.

Alibi can be countered fairly easily, I’d say. Glaz is probably the hardest counter, as shown in the video. Glaz’s thermal scope can not be fooled by the Prisma, so be careful of that.


Maestro is a colorful addition to the intel gameplay family. His expertise lies in blocking access to key locations, and his blunt style allows him to see through smoke and mirrors, for which he has no patience. He shines when joined by his long-time G.I.S. teammate, Alibi.”

Maestro’s primary gadget is the Evil Eye. He carries two Evil Eyes which can be attached to surfaces similar to Jager’s ADS. The Evil Eye is almost indestructible and can see through smoke clearly. It can be temporarily disabled using Thatcher’s EMP grenades and only explosives or Sledge’s hammer can destroy this gadget.

There’s more to the Evil Eye… it can also be a turret. Granted, it is not a very effective turret doing just 5 damage per shot, but a turret nonetheless. When viewing the camera with Maestro, you can right click and open the shutters to shoot a blast. Be careful though, when the camera shutters are open to show the laser, the camera becomes vulnerable and can be taken out with a single shot. It can also overheat and will require time to cool down before firing again.

“Both Alibi and Maestro also have access to some of Rainbow Six’s most terrifying weapons yet; the ACS12 and Bailiff 410. The former is a 30-round drum magazine-fed automatic shotgun that can reduce a wall to splinters in a couple of seconds, while the later is a 5-round shotgun revolver that’s great for blowing open peek holes and hatches. These tactics work well on Villa, the new map that ships with Para Bellum, thanks to a huge amount of soft cover and destructible floors.” – say PCGamesN.


See the new Operators in greater detail here

Other changes we’ll see in this update include:

  • New Thatcher Elite set.
  • Para Bellum weapon skins.
  • Clubhouse map buff.
  • Operator balancing.
  • General tweaks and improvements.
  • Addition of R6Fix to the live servers.
  • Bug fixes.

You can check the whole patch notes post out here.


Patch notes addendum:

As the TTS servers came to a close, we were provided with a long list of extra patch notes:

  • Glaz’ OTs-03 – Rate of fire. The rate of fire for Glaz’s rifle was increased from 220 RPM to 235 RPM to account for other changes in the update.
  • Claymore placement ease of use.
  • Removal of grenade throwback.
  • List of gameplay fixes.
  • List of gamemode fixes; terrorist hunt, spectator camera and pick and ban fixes.
  • Range of Operator fixes.
  • Level design and Map fixes.
  • Large range of User Experience fixes.

You can view the full addendum post for greater detail on these fixes here.

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