Cosplay at BIG Fest 2018

With BIG Fest coming up in a matter of days, the cosplay contest details are a bit overdue. To keep things simple, here is the information you’ll need.

When and where

Noon on Saturday the 6th.
2pm on Sunday the 7th.
5-15 age bracket goes first, followed by the 16 and older contestants.

Masquerade takes place on the ground floor in the console stage room.


Cosplay Rules and Prop Guidelines

  • Props should be no longer than 1.5m (150cm).
  • Real weapons eg. swords/knives/bows/bats etc. are not permitted in the venue.
  • Realistic looking props, such as guns, must have a visible orange tip.
  • No hitting/threatening/pointing weapon props at people, please be considerate to your fellow attendees.
  • Hold long props (staffs, longer swords) upright.
  • We ask attendees to keep costumes PG, as there will be children attending this event (no nudity or explicit content please).
  • No behavior that would break venue rules.

Masquerade Entrant Guidelines

  • Please arrive half an hour in advance of the masquerade starting time, this is so we have time to get everyone sorted and organized before the event and helps everything run smoothly.
  • We encourage cosplayers to ‘show off’ their costumes to the crowd and judges, take your time, smile, have fun!
  • Maximum of 30 seconds on stage – unfortunately, due to the event timetable we cannot have long skits.
  • This is a family event, Keep it PG. Nothing inappropriate exposed. No sexual or offensive content. No obscene language.


Signups will be on the door, just next to where you will pick up your venue entry. Those taking part in the masquerade will be asked to fill in a short entry form and those under the age of 16 will require an adult to give permission to take part. You will also be asked to choose one of the following background music categories to come out to during the masquerade.

Background stage music






Adventure 2:






Thanks to Nintendo, all entrants in the 5-15 age bracket will receive an entry prize, with additional prizes for the winners for both age brackets.

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