BIGFest Update: Price Changes, Disabled Access, Lineup Changes, Open Tournaments

So there hasn’t been much in the way of announcements for BIGFest since the initial announcement of the event. The team has been busy at work preparing for the event, but it has taken a bit of extra time to get to the stage where we can share more about what is happening on the 6-7th of October. This update will also have a mix of good and bad news, but it’s a large update, so we hope you will look forward to BIGFest and future events.

Price Changes

The first of our announcements is that we have lowered the ticket prices for BIGFest. This is largely due to some parts of the event coming in at a lower cost than our original estimates, so we are passing on that on to the attendees in the form of a cheaper entry. Prices are going from £15/day and £25/weekend to £10/day and £20/weekend. We’re looking to add a small bonus for those who purchase a weekend pass as well, so keep an eye out for news on that in the future.

All current ticket holders will be refunded the difference in price. Please contact us if you don’t hear from us about this by the end of next week.

Disabled Access

This is one of the more painful updates we have and I hope I never have to write something like this again in future. Due to a misunderstanding between staff and the venue, we found out the lift at the venue isn’t able to take people and can only be used for equipment. This happened after it was too late to switch venues, meaning we either have to push back the date significantly at a major cost to everyone.

All refund requests regarding this will be accepted and paid back in full. Those still attending despite this will find a number of activities available on the ground floor. We will also work to make sure future events don’t run into this issue again. I personally am disabled, as is at least one other person on staff. Accessibility is something we take seriously at Esports Scotland, we will work towards a more inclusive 2019 and onwards.

Lineup Changes

Due to some games seeing poor turnouts during the season, it has been decided they will be finished online. League of Legends, DotA 2 and Rainbow 6 Seige won’t feature at BIGFest. We have added more open activities on the day to make up for this and made some minor changes to the existing games without changing their day of competition. For those who were attending to watch the games that were removed, refunds will be available if you had bought a ticket ahead of this post.

On the day Activities

As per the announcement made on our Facebook recently, there will be a number of open tournaments and competitions taking place at the event. The details for the following are ready to be announced now with more announcements coming in the future.

Saturday: Open bracket Street Fighter V event on PlayStation 4. Entry is £5. Bracket starts at 1pm and finishes before the SEL top 8 for Street Fighter V begins.

Sunday: Open bracket Under Night and Tekken 7 events on PlayStation 4. Entry is £5 per bracket. Under Night starts at 1pm, with the finals being streamed from 3pm. Tekken 7 starts at 3pm, with the finals being streamed from 5pm.

Open brackets take place on the ground floor, with the finals broadcast on the top floor. All brackets will be double elimination with a best of 5 finals.

Details for the cosplay events, Rocket League, Fortnite and more will be revealed soon!

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